Life update #7 | Turning 21 and Future Plans

On the tenth of May, I turn 21 and I am not excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating birthdays for others but when it comes to my own I don’t get the giddy feeling anymore.

For the past three years I have not asked my family for anything for my birthday which really frustrates them. But I just can’t think of anything I want. I live away from home, so when I want something, I buy it. I also have low price range superficial qualities, which helps.

A blogging friend of mine Freya, recently uploaded a post called the Disillusionment of Adult Birthdays and was unsure whether to post it or not. We had a chat about not getting excited for birthdays anymore and the reasoning behind this. I don’t know what it is but I really don’t get any joy from my birthday anymore and 21 is supposed to be a ‘special age’.

In England, 18 is the special birthday I guess, so I have gone past that and now birthdays aren’t really significant to me, nevertheless I have to do something for my 21st right? Wrong. I’ll be in the editing suite finishing up my dissertation as the deadline is on the 12th. Happy birthday Lois!!



Future goals

Now, to the important bit of the post. I finish University this month and I do not really have many plans set out for the next stage of my life, which is scaring me a bit. My goal would be to stay in Brighton but if I don’t find a job I won’t be able to pay rent and live here anymore.


Before I came to University I remember writing in my personal statement to get a place at University that I was interested mostly in Photography and Journalism. This hasn’t changed much.

I studied Photography and Journalism at University and I now run a blog that embeds working on these things. However I have become a lot more in love with marketing and video production and have worked for BBC shows and other businesses.

I’d like to go into video production at this stage in my life or marketing. Let’s try to get there.


A week or so ago I booked a holiday for Amsterdam with my friend for Pride weekend and we will be attending Milkshake Festival, which I am very excited about. I have been to Amsterdam before but have so many plans and places that I want to visit that I didn’t last time. My friend hasn’t been before either so that will make things more exciting.

At the end of this month I plan on spending a weekend up in London with my current partner. I have been to London loads of times before but never stayed there for a few nights in hotels and I want to do more than visit the main hot spots in London. I am excited for this planned weekend as I have never done anything like that with somebody before so I am looking forward to it.

During the summer I will be staying in Brighton for what might be my final few months living here. I have lived here for three years now but do not think that I have got the most out of my living environment. There are so many independent places that I have walked past and never entered, so many activities that I haven’t done or more. I want to explore my town more before I leave. It will help that my friend has mentioned about staying here a lot as well so we can do all these new things together.

I want to plan more holidays for the future. Sometimes I don’t even think of a holiday like jumping on a plane but I want to even stay inside the UK. I see so many great vlogs or blog posts about days out in UK cities like Bath, Liverpool and Edinburg that I would love to do if I had the opportunity.

Did I complete my April goals?

I did a March favourites and April goals post and looked back to see if I actually achieved anything and thank goodness I did. I didn’t get a part time job but I have focused on my studying, booked a holiday, planned summer experiences and worked harder on my fitness goals so I’m happy with that!

Do you think that birthdays are a little underwhelming, as you get older as well? And what are some of your future plans?

Lois x

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4 thoughts on “Life update #7 | Turning 21 and Future Plans

  1. You already know how I feel about birthdays, haha!

    I’ve been wanting to visit Brighton for the longest time now – it seems like such a lovely town, and very blogger/vlogger friendly with all the cute little shops and cafés. I wish you the best of luck with your job hunt!



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