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We bloggers love a good tag. I haven’t done one before but I love reading them. So when I was tagged by Faz, I couldn’t wait to answer her questions. (See her post here)

I must admit, I got a little carried away with this one because I love sharing my thoughts on beauty and make-up! The lovely Faz from Living Like a Parisienne nominated me to answer a few beauty questions



What is your favourite high street beauty product?

All of my makeup is high street products. If I had to pick one though it would be Rimmel’s lasting finish concealer. I have never really seen a product that YouTuber’s have reviewed and gone out and bought it the next day But Zoe Sugg did a video on drugstore makeup and tested all the products she purchased. This product she loved and I was running low on concealer anyway so decided to test it out and I loved it. It is the first product that I apply to my face to cover any spots or red patches of skin and it is so good. It is long lasting and does such a good job at concealing imperfections and discolouration which is what it says on the product. It definitely does what it says.

Which beauty blogger do you always turn to for beauty advice?

I am in love with Lily’s content (pintsizedbeauty) I always see her posts on social media at convenient times when I am online and always go to her blog. Her photography is amazing and I idealise it so much, her shots are so pretty and I love how she posts daily at the moment.

Most instagrammable beauty product out there?

At the moment I am drawn to lipsticks and lip glosses in instagram posts. That might be because I am wearing them more as I never used to. They are pretty props to use for photography. I also like to put in a makeup brush here and there if I can’t find anything else to use.

What do you make of Huda Beauty?

I personally do not own anything from them yet but I am obsessed with their eyeshadow palettes. I think it might partly be due to the fact that eyeshadows are my favourite kind of makeup and their products looks so pretty. Huda Beauty’s coveted Textured Shadows Palette: Rose Gold Edition has definitely caught my eye.

What is your favourite high end beauty product?

I don’t really know if Morphe is classed as high end or not but I own two eyeshadow palettes, the Morphe brushes 35 colour taupe eye shadow palette (35T) and the 35 Colour Plum Eye Shadow Palette (35P) My sister gave them to me as she didn’t really use them, which I didn’t understand because I am obsessed with them. They’re probably the most expensive product I own, that is why I see it as ‘high end’, even if it isn’t.

CHANEL or Dior?

I used to steal my mums perfumes a lot when I lived at home. I believe that she was a Chanel lover and I bet she was annoyed that my sister and I used to use her perfumes up. I now feel bad because I know how much I spend on beauty things.

What is your most embarrassing beauty blunder?

I remember I used to wear blue mascara, I think a lot of nineties kids did that. I also used to wear silver eyeshadow but just put it on without blending it and it just looked like a mess. My mum has a photo of my sister, brother and myself where I am definitely not rocking this look. I wish there were makeup tutorials when I was applying makeup for the first time in year 8. I see younger kids with makeup better than mine sometimes and I just think to myself, no way were my makeup skills that great at that age.

Share a beauty tip?

If you struggle to tame your eyebrows I have recently worked with a great technique. I have to trim my eyebrows probably once a week and pluck them every other day -tedious and horrible I know. I was blessed with a beautiful monobrow.

Anyway, at the moment I draw my eyebrows in but then I set them using collection colour lash all day wear coloured mascara. It cost me 2 pounds I think and I just brush a little bit through my eyebrows to set my brows in the shape and direction that I pick. I have long hairs and they fall out of shape of the coloured in parts of my eyebrows, so this is a god send.

I nominate these lovely bloggers for this tag. I think it is something that they will love and enjoy.



My questions to you

What beauty product can you not live without at the moment?

Favourite beauty Bloggers/YouTubers at the moment?

What made you want to start blogging?

What beauty brand is your go to?

Lipstick or Nail Polish?

Name one makeup/beauty product you have been eyeing, but have not bought yet.

Beauty pet peeve?

Lois x

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16 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. Enjoyed reading this! omg I don’t know why coloured mascara was ever a thing! We used to have a teacher at school who wore blue mascara every day and I remember thinking it was odd haha!

    My worst beauty blunder was wearing foundation that was the wrong colour! Omg I cringe at what people must have thought!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brown coloured mascara makes sense, why did I wear blue? Oh dear haha! I probably wore the wrong shade of foundation as well, I definitely didn’t blend my makeup properly either …


  2. Interesting post and tag to read! I think my favorite high end product to invest in has to be Benefit Cosmetics! They make great stuff. I love makeup and how you can always play around & learn new things!


  3. Hey hey 🙂 This was such a fun tag to read about, such a great post. By the way, I nominated you for a Blogger Recognition award! If you wouldn’t mind checking out my latest blog post on for all the rules and details! xx


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