How I am prioritising self-love and self-care

Learning to practice self-love and self-care

I am a perfectionist, an over thinker and over worker when it comes to important things in my life. The combination of these qualities means that I tend to overstrain myself at the worst of times.

Whilst I was at University I took all of my modules, did work experience and took on side projects when I could. I was extremely overwhelmed a lot of the time, especially during the last few weeks of deadlines.

I also suffer with depression, which does not help the situation.

I know a lot of students will agree that workload (amongst other things) can become extremely stressful. I used my mental discipline to push to the side my emotional exhaustion and it worked. However, I put so much of my time into my work that I neglected other areas of importance.

Recently I have seen a lot of posts on practicing self-love and self-care and every one of these posts are different and inspiring.

I learnt too late to practice self-love and self-care when I needed it the most.

I still tend to work at the moment even though University has finished, but not as much. I work on my blog, have just started a part time job and am always applying for post-graduation jobs. If I have days off I don’t know what to do with myself and ‘me days’ are and odd one for me.

When I have days off I find myself the most overwhelmed. I feel as though I should be doing things.

Learning to practice self-love and self-care is difficult for anyone. I have come so far but still have a long way to go.

Here are some of the things that I do to practice self-love and self-care.

Learning to practice self-love and self-care

Learning to practice self-love and self-care

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Go shopping.
  3. Clean your space.
  4. Re-organise your space.
  5. De-clutter any unwanted items in your space.
  6. Listen to a relaxing playlist. (My go-to playlist is The Vampire Diaries/Delena playlist created by: Danielle Bojko on Spotify)
  7. Meal prep.
  8. Work on your blog.
  9. Draft a blog post on self-love and self-care. Think of all the things that you do to look after your mental health and put it in a post to remind you. If you don’t want to blog about it, simply write things down.
  10. Take alternative routes when out and about. Discover something new.
  11. Change up your morning routine.
  12. Change up your night routine.
  13. Talk to a friend.
  14. Go for a drink.
  15. Go out for a wonder with your camera and get some shots.
  16. Do a home workout.
  17. Unplug for an hour or so. Be wifi free.
  18. Update your blogging ‘brand’. Revamp your media profiles.
  19. Paint your nails.
  20. Have a nap.
  21. Write down your thoughts.
  22. Splurge your money and treat yourself on an item that you’ve been eying up recently.
  23. Plan a mini break.
  24. Ask for help or advice from someone you know or someone you don’t.
  25. Watch your favourite film.
  26. Watch your favourite series.
  27. Binge on your favourite YouTubers.

Learning to practice self-love and self-care

What things do you do to practice self-love and self-care?

Lois x

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26 thoughts on “How I am prioritising self-love and self-care

  1. I love your ideas on how to improve self-love/care. On the 8th of June I created a 30Day Self-care Challenge for myself because I honestly never ever have time to myself. I’m either too busy with school work or writing my next post. I’m super excited about today’s task – Drink some wine 🍷. This was a good post.
    Also I’ve just followed you on Instagram as ‘umbalenhle_k’✨

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  2. This is such a timely post for me. I too am a perfectionist and it really hit my hard in grad school. Wish I’d seen this list back then! I love the idea of going out for a wander to see what catches your eye!


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  3. I love this list and definitely find myself doing some of these when I’m in need of a self-care boost. I am especially big on cleaning, reorganizing, and decluttering, I call it the Stress Clean and I always feel so much better when it’s done! I followed the Delena playlist on Spotify and I’m so excited to listen, I love TVD and I can’t wait to hear all the songs on it!

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    1. Thank you. These are always my go-to. Because I need to start thinking about moving out of my uni home, cleaning and organising is high on my list of things to do which I love. It really is a good playlist, I hope you enjoy it. TVD soundtrack is my favourite x

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  4. Yay, great post & I am a HUGE advocate for self-care! Why shouldn’t we be taking care of ourselves above everything else? I need to practice what I preach though because like you, I’m also a perfectionist and can be caught up in work. I also tend to be affected by how other people are feeling to the point where it affects my mood too. I need to work on that. But these are all great self care ideas, I definitely do a lot of them! I’m about to have some sushi for dinner (which I love) and binge on YouTuber’s I enjoy and I would definitely consider that self care 🙂 xx

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    1. I preached it for so long, like yourself but didn’t do it at a time where I needed to do it the most. Other peoples moods can also influence my own and it is important to focus on yourself. Thank you. I will definitely be binging on YouTuber videos tonight as well x


  5. Gah I love this post! Self-love and self-care are so important, but they tend to get put on the back burner a bit. I’m totally with you on the perfectionist thing, I’m never happy with how I’ve done something and always push myself too hard. Taking time out for ourselves is so important, and I love giving myself a pamper night and just generally spoiling myself. Treating myself to my favourite food is one of the ways I try and show myself some self-love, and relaxing with a nice lush bath! Love your ideas, and I do lots of those too, especially the music thing and writing my own self-love post.

    Charlotte xx

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    1. I want to spoil myself too often. That shouldn’t be considered a bad thing when it is needed. A good ol’ pamper night is well deserved! Ooh treating yourself to your favourite meal is a good one! x


  6. I was in a similar position to you as far as taking time for myself was concerned up until the beginning of this year. It wasn’t until I was bordering on a breakdown that I realised the importance of taking time for yourself, and it’s made me feel so much better. I usually stick to the same three things, though–taking a bath, journalling and reading a book–so I’m really excited to put some of the ideas you have mentioned to the test! Thanks for giving me new ways to practice self-care. I hope your journey with it continues to improve and you continue to remember the importance of taking time for yourself sometimes.


  7. I can really relate to this! I always put myself last and try to balance a hundred things at once which can take a negative effect! I’m so glad that you are recognising that you need to look after yourself and put yourself first! Self-care has becoming something I am really interested in and I am in such a better place because I now recognize when I need to take some time out and love myself. Great post!
    Robyn //


  8. I definitely need to start practicing self love and self care, and I totally relate to the feeling of having a day off but feeling like you should be doing something. For me, taking the dog for a walk and sitting on by the sea helps me to relax and wind down, however you’ve given me some more pointers as to what else I can do, so thank you!
    Meg x |


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