My blogging routine

I have been blogging for seven months and have reached a stage where I find myself doing something blogging related almost every day of the week. If I am not thinking of new post ideas or taking photographs I am engaging on my social media platforms instead. It has become a dedicated obsession and I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would.

I never really thought that I would keep blogging up as a hobby as I tend to go through phases with things that I enjoy. I have surprised myself!

I have become very engrossed with blogging and am very particular with how I work and organise myself. Bullet journalling has helped me a lot and I will be saying what I do with the whole blogging thing and share it with you guys in this post.

blogging routine

Getting a blog post idea and making a note of it

Everything starts with a blog post idea. Whenever I get an idea for a post I make a note of it in my OneNote drafts. OneNote is extremely useful in keeping things organised and in folders as I am a neat freak. I wrote a post about myΒ must have apps for blogging which OneNote features. I find it useful to have everything stored and saved in folders. If I have an idea for a post I need to make a note of it so I don’t forget within the next hour.

Bullet Journalling

Bullet journalling is incredibly useful and for someone who is creative is a god send of an invention. I have been bullet journalling for under a month now but have filled tonnes of pages already and it keeps me so organised. I have a page for each week focussed on my blogging schedule, things that I need to do, tasks that I need to complete, when my posts are going live and what twitter chats and comment sprees are on each day. It is difficult to keep on top of everything if you only think about it, having things written down keeps me more organised and has helped tremendously with my blogging schedule.

Drafting a post

When it comes to drafting posts I schedule my posts a week or so in advance. At the moment I am posting twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings. Some weeks I will post only once and some maybe three, changing the days about. I have gotten more into a routine though and Monday and Thursday are my favourite days to publish!

Drafting posts a week or so in advance gives me plenty of time to write my posts and get everything sorted before hitting publish.

Scheduling posts for the week

Depending on how many ideas I have for the week I will schedule the amount of posts I have on what days are best for my traffic. I know that blogging isn’t all about numbers but it can be disheartening when you write a post that gets a lack of traffic. I find that Monday and Thursday are best for my blog traffic so these are the days that I will post. The weekend is not the best for me and my blog in terms of bloggers engaging with my blog so I like to publish during the week.

blogging routine

blogging routine

Taking blog photography and bulk instagram photos

Once I have a few posts scheduled I then take the photographs that I need. I take my photographs in bulks. I take my flatlays on my white set of draws and recently I have been using my white bed sheets as a backdrop. I take my photographs on whatever day I am running out of instagram posts and am in need of a blog post image. I find it so much easier to take my photographs in bulks when it comes to my instagram and blogging images because everything is set up. I use natural lighting but being completely honest, the space on top of my draws are never that clean enough to take pictures in the moment.

Scheduling tweets for each day

Sometimes I will schedule tweets the night before or in the morning. It depends on my sleeping schedule, if I am exhausted the night before and get an early night sleep I will not schedule tweets, but I know I will be up early enough in the morning to do so. I use Buffer to schedule promotional tweets and tend to schedule blog posts every hour or so. I schedule up to ten a day which sounds like a lot but really isn’t. Traffic to my blog has been tonnes better since consistently scheduling tweets and engaging with other bloggers in-between.

Engaging in twitter chats

I go through phases with engaging with twitter chats. Some weeks I will want to engage with one every day and some weeks I won’t want to get involved. Recently I have been engaging with more than normal and some of my favourites are GRLPOWR, beechat and teacupclub. These twitter pages are also great in tagging for scheduled promotional posts as they retweet a lot of bloggers content, which will ultimately boost engagement with your posts.

Engaging in comment sprees

I saw a blogger tweet that she didn’t get many people commenting on her posts and a lot of the replies where that people only got comments on their blog posts if they engage with commenting sprees on twitter. Bre and Becca host comment sprees, #teacupclub every Monday and Thursday at 5PM and #bloggerspromohour every Wednesday and Sunday at 8PM

Comment sprees are really useful to find new blogs and engage with other peoples posts and in return you will potentially get more engagement on your posts. Of course it isn’t just about numbers when it comes to blogging, which I said earlier, however twitter chats and comment sprees are really good ways for directing traffic towards your blog and engaging with other bloggers and showing some love on other peoples posts.

What things do you do in your blogging routine that I do or don’t? I’d love to hear.

Lois x

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49 thoughts on “My blogging routine

  1. Really helpful post Lois, made me feel motivated to try and get myself a better routine going! I’m nosy too and love having a peek into people’s routines! πŸ™ˆ Would also love to see a post on your bullet journal, I’ve started one but I’m not hugely creative so I haven’t kept it up yet but I do think it’s so handy!

    Laura x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it gave you some inspiration for something! I am the same also. I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while, but need to have more pages and work out a journaling routine that works for me the best before publishing any kind of post yet! But it’s definitely in drafts! x


  2. Thanks for the helpful post. I created a new Twitter account for my blog when I started my blog, however I just don’t seem to be getting to grips with it, which is bizarre because I used to be obsessed with Twitter when I was at school and had over 3K followers at one point…I’m going to check out the accounts you’ve mentioned and I hope that gets me into tweeting a bit more! Great Post, Thank you!


    1. I created new accounts for my blog on twitter and Instagram as well! They did better than my personals -which are deleted now- and I enjoy my feed a lot more now as it’s just blogging content and the odd celebrity I like! Comment sprees can be really useful and scheduling posts are what have worked best for me! Hope it goes alright x

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  3. I always love to know how other bloggers work on their blogs and other things that comes with it. I’m always drafting and scheduling posts as I’m afraid that I won’t have anything to post about. Comment threads and twitter chats are so much fun. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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    1. Now that I have a bit of spare time I am planning content in advance to get ahead of things as I am worried I’ll run out of ideas if I don’t plan ahead. I love comment threads and twitter chats. I like getting involved in the community x


  4. Hi Lois,
    I found your post very useful as a new blogger. I’ll use these ideas from now on. And these twitter chats you’ve mentioned seems interesting. I’ll check them out.
    Thanks a lot for this post.
    Lots of love
    Sima x

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  5. I really like doing this post because it’s very relatable! I feel like everything you said I resonated with honestly Especially about the commenting spree being The main stream for comments! Bullet journaling is not my thing but I have been scheduling tweets and it’s a life saver!!

    Good post!!


  6. These are really helpful! I need to get back to focusing on my blog, work and family time has taken over. I always take outfits pictures than write my post, but lately all I’ve been doing is using my Instagram πŸ™ˆ


  7. My routine is so similar to yours! Though I do post religiously on Mondays and Thursdays! I try my best to schedule tweets the night before but sometimes I get sleepy and have to do them the next morning! Bulk instas are a life saver! There’s no way I could post every day if I didn’t have photos saved up!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


    1. I always schedule when I feel the need to and listen to my sleeping habits with it. For sure. I wouldn’t have any content if I had to take pictures in the moment rather than planning x


  8. Great post! It was so interesting to read about your blogging routine. I’d love to get into bullet journalling…do you have any tips? I like twitter chats too, I need to go back to participating in them more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I watched a load of YouTube videos and searched pinterest and created a board for inspiration. I didn’t make pages where I knew I wouldn’t use and just copied off others peoples pictures that I found. It looses focus if you don’t adapt to it if that makes sense? x


  9. How organised are you?? That’s amazing!
    I’m recently trying to get into bulk photos but my organisation skills are zero!
    Fab tips chick!


  10. Really enjoyed reading this post and found it super useful! I’ve been blogging for a while now but only recently discovered these twitter chat / comments spree’s such as tea cup club. I’ve actually just made a note of the days and times these things happen because I couldn’t work it out haha, so thanks! xxx


  11. This was really helpful as I am working on finding a blogging routine that works for me, especially since the new semester is coming up. Something I definitely need to work on is taking bulk photos and drafting posts a week in advance. That’d be super helpful for me, I admire your ability to follow your routine! Thanks for sharing!

    Jaycee |


  12. I liked reading this because it’s always interesting to hear about other people’s blogging processes. I hadn’t really thought to take bulk photos before, especially with Instagram I think that would be so helpful and such a time saver!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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