My summer favourites

With the change of a season comes a change in favourites. I have noticed that I am using different products, watching new programmes, and finally am getting round to reading again, so I thought I’d round up a summer favourites post.




I cannot remember the last time I started a fiction book. For three years I have been at University and only read academic readings -boring I know. It has felt so good to finally pick up a book and read this summer. I have re-read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and intend to read them all again. I have also started Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland and am absolutely loving it. I would highly recommend Louise’s book to everyone.


I am a proper homebody so spend a great deal of my time watching programmes and films to pass the time. I have been binging on the Vampire Diaries latest season and Game of Thrones in preparation for the new season 7. The Harry Potter films have been watched more than once and I’ve been watching Shrek as I was bored one day and fancied it.

Skin Care

I am still using my trusty Garnier Micellar Cleansing gel wash to rinse my face in the mornings to get rid of my overnight skin care and to wash my makeup brushes when they get too dirty. Recently I have seen bloggers receiving T-ZONE products and I have been absolutely loving this charcoal and bamboo deep cleansing face scrub. I have combination/oily skin and this does wonders for me.


I had a friend stay with me for a long period of time and we drunk so much mango and lychee herbal tea. It is absolutely divine and in the evenings I like to have a hot chocolate. Odd, I know. To have a hot chocolate in the summer is almost unheard of but my bedroom is quite cool and I don’t often have sweet stuff in the house so this cures my cravings.


I have combination/oily skin and during the summer my face of makeup would melt off if I didn’t use L’oreal infallible mattifying primer. I never really felt the need to wearing a primer until after ten minutes of being in the sun my face felt oily -gross I know but relevant to the validness of mentioning this primer. I only apply a tiny bit before smothering my face in makeup and it does wonders for my skin. It makes applying foundation easier and my t-zone area (which is my worst for grossness) doesn’t get oily for ages.


Just last week I found my Nintendo DS hidden away in my room and found my LEGO Harry Potter years 1-4 game and have become OBSESSED! I haven’t been playing this for long but I know I will be playing it for ages. My love for Harry Potter is quite obsessive and finding this game made me incredibly happy. I have also been playing Animal Crossing for a while and it is relaxing for me to play in the evenings before bed.

What have some of your summer favourites been?

Lois x

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29 thoughts on “My summer favourites

  1. Do you have any trouble with the garnier micellar gel wash? When I use it, it stings my eyes and I find that it’s not very good at removing makeup-despite what the bottle says. I love that you’re playing on a DS! Makes me want to find mine out again. Lovely post!


    1. I don’t use it near my eyes as you’re not supposed to! I probably use and rinse it about 3 times then clean the rest of my makeup off with the micellar water and cotton pads! It takes long but clears my skin properly! The micellar water is better for the eye makeup! I’m loving playing it x

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      1. Maybe that’s the reason it’s been stinging then! But I thought the bottle said for eyes face and lips? I love the micellar water, I also find myself using that after the gel wash X


      2. It stings a little bit for my eyes I will agree, that’s why I don’t use it for that area! It takes longer using this process than an easy makeup wipe but it does wonders for my skin!

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  2. You’ve got some lovely favorites. I have Garnier Micellar Water but I haven’t tried Cleansing gel. Need to check it out. I’ve been re-watching Friends and really loving it. It’s my all time favorite tv show. I’m currently reading Girl Online On Tour and I really enjoy it. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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  3. Ive also just finished Vampire Diaries and im half way through The Originals- a must watch if you like Vampire Diaries!! I bought Wilde Like Me at the weekend so Im excited to read that one night this week!

    Sarah | xx


  4. I was lucky enough to receive some products from T Zone and that scrub is one of my favourite products! It’s so good, it exfoliates so well but is still gentle!
    I love both TVD and the vampire diaries! You’ve actually reminded me I’ve a season of The Originals to watch before the new season!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


    1. So lucky. I purchased this to try it out as I saw loads of bloggers receiving it. Its amazing! You’re lucky you have a new season to watch, Im up to date with the originals. The finale is sooo good, you’ll love it x

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  5. Aaah I love the Lego Harry Potter games, they’re so funny and silly! I have been considering trying a charcoal based face wash as I also have combination/oily skin. I might try out your recommendation. 🙂


  6. Great post! I can totally relate to what you said about reading nothing but academic sources – it’s only once summer began that I’ve had the chance to read so much. I like the format of the post and splitting it into so many categories, very easy on the eye. Thanks for sharing! x

    Rumaanah //


    1. I am so thankful for summer allowing me to read again. Thank you, I thought it would be easier for me to write it that way and have people see it in that format for and easier read x


  7. I love both the Harry Potter films and books. I have recently started reading Wilde Like Me and I’m really enjoying it so far! Great post!


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