Ways To Practice Emotional Self Care

This post is a guest post which was written by Antonia (SweetPassions). 

Taking care of your emotions is as important as taking care of your physical or mental health. In the business of today’s world it can be pushed to the back seat. We are emotional creators and emotions are such a big part of who we are and how we deal with things.

Knowing how to practice emotional self care and doing it regularly can really make your life so much better. Here are some of my favorite ways to really get to know my emotions and really take the best of them to improve my health and life in general.



Past has a big influence on our behavior in the present. Dealing with emotional rollercoaster’s from the past can be hard and overwhelming. That’s way I think that reflecting is a great way to actually understand our emotions.

Writing down what makes you feel angry, sad, nervous or even happy and actually trying to get to the rut is something that will help your emotional growth and self care. If you’re feeling down or unhappy with your current lifestyle reflect and see how far you’ve come from where you started.


Bullet journals are very popular nowadays and the best part is that you can use them however you like. It’s an amazing way to write down if something is bothering you or if you just need an output.

I would especially recommend this if you don’t actually like to talk to anybody about your emotions as this way it may actually feel like you’re letting your thoughts and emotions out without actually telling them to someone.

Let go

Letting go of the past but also of the present is something we all should do. That doesn’t only mean letting go of certain situation it means letting go of people that no longer make us happy and uplifted. Getting out of that bad relationship that just drains your energy and positivity.

Clearing your space and throwing away things that no longer bring you happiness is so important as it all makes a big impact on your emotions. When you let go of things that just take space in your life you make new space for emotional and personal growth and for the things, people and situations from which you are getting emotionally more present.

Step back

We live in a world where taking a break and admitting that you need some time to just breathe isn’t actually positive things to do as you may seem week. With so much going on in our lives and the hectic life we live to make our dreams come true, on the way we just forget to step back and relax for a little bit.

Taking some me time without technology, work and people is necessary. When you step back you got the whole picture and you can think about your emotions and see if you’re in a good place. You can actually focus on your needs and your well being.

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16 thoughts on “Ways To Practice Emotional Self Care

  1. This post was so helpful! I’m heading back to school soon so I’ve been looking for ways that I can relax and practice self-care throughout the school year.. I’ll have to save this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jaycee | anthropolojay.com

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