How blogging has helped with my mental health

I wrote a post not too long ago about how blogging has helped my everyday life and spoke about how it has given me more confidence. Not only has blogging given me confidence in many aspects of life but it has also helped with my mental wellbeing.

When I decided to start blogging I never thought that it would give me so many opportunities like it has done and proven to help in all aspects of my lifestyle.

Mental health, whatever it is one is struggling with wants to make you feel as alone as possible. When it comes to writing about mental health I have touched on it in the past but have never gone into that much detail. My struggles are not easy to explain and everyone is different, I also like to think that there is a line with oversharing online as well.

It is easy to presume that someones life is all happy when online, when it can be pretty difficult and I’d like to talk about that more. Going through a bad mental health period doesn’t make me a weak person and talking about it more helps break down those barriers.

I want to bring a positive approach to mental health and want to talk about how blogging has helped me overcome bad periods of time for me.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Purpose to get up early

Being a student for three years I got into a terrible habit of never leaving my bed unless I needed to go to a lecture or ran out of food. I would only go out in the evenings and during the day I didn’t have much going on. This got me into a habit of just lounging around all day not doing much – awful for my mental health. Now that I have finished university and work part time I needed something during the week to keep me occupied.

Working on blogging in some way daily has given me a purpose to work on my routine and get up earlier. I am an early riser but never made much use of my mornings if I wasn’t doing anything. Blogging now fills my time in the mornings and has given me a purpose to be active and busy.

Creativity outlet

When I have days where I have absolutely nothing to do (which is happening all too often for me this month) I find it a struggle to get out and be active. I certainly do not want to leave the house sometimes but try to be as active as possible when I can and wish to boost creativity. Blogging has allowed me to pursue an outlet of creativity for me and has proven to give me happiness in times when I need it most.

Getting things done

I love all things organisation. I never used to. If you have seen my other posts or follow me on social media you will know that I am obsessed with bullet journalling and keeping on top of things. For someone with not a busy schedule at all can sometimes make my mental health plummet. For others it works differently. Some people feel overwhelmed when a lot is happening. For me it is the opposite. When I am doing nothing I feel at my most vulnerable and need to be active so blogging allows me to get stuff done and creates things for me to do.

Talking to others

Blogging has opened me up to a whole new community that I never knew existed beforehand. I am speaking to a lot more people, some I consider friends now and this has done wonders for my mental well being. Working hard at an enjoyable hobby is great when you can meet new people along the way and that is what blogging entails. People in my everyday life do not really get the blogging thing, so it is nice to talk to people in the community about it.

How has blogging helped with your mental wellbeing if it has done?

Lois x

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21 thoughts on “How blogging has helped with my mental health

  1. I totally agree with this post, blogging had given me a purpose, a way to create what I want to create in my summer holidays, because without it I wouldn’t even get up in the mornings which is terrible for mental health. It’s kept me occupied and by working on my blog I’ve seen results, it’s given me what I needed, a stable routine in my day to day life.


  2. I love this, and I completely agree – it adds quite a lot of structure to my morning routine, and I love having a creative outlet. I work as an editor 9-5, and was getting frustrated and down about how little opportunity I had for creativity and blogging really helped with that.
    Great post, and I love the flower photos alongside it πŸ™‚
    Hels xx


  3. I really relate to everything you said in this post. Blogging has given me so much and allowed me to focus on something I enjoy when I don’t feel myself. Plus the lovely people I’ve met through blogging is a huge bonus knowing I can talk to any of them if needed xx


  4. I totally feel you about university- I think its just too much free time and it wasn’t great for my mental health either. Wish I could have had a blog back then.

    I sometimes get really down about being single and I find my blog gives me a purpose/ place to vent.


  5. These are really good points and I can relate to a lot of them – I’m also most vulnerable when I have nothing to do, I find it easier to be distracted. I love that now matter how little is going on in my life, my blog will always be there and I’ll always have something to work on. Blogging also gives me a sense of achievement and I know that even if things go wrong at uni, I can look at my blog and still feel like I’ve achieved something xx


  6. This is so awesome and reading it made me feel really positive about blogging and it’s effects. For me, I love to use it as a creative outlet as well because I feel like I have so many ideas in my head and I just need a place to express them!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  7. I’d definetely say that blogging has done the same for me – having a reason to get up and write on my days I wouldn’t have got out of bed is amazing. Great post x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  8. I’ve found it’s helped me too no end. It’s so good for confidence and setting up a routine πŸ™‚ I’m glad it’s helped you so much, talking to people really helps ❀


  9. Brilliant post! It really got me thinking about how blogging has helped me over the past year and how it has positively impacted my mental health. It really gives me something to look forward to as I’m really enjoying posting weekly and it creates a routine for me rather than just sitting around doing nothing and it keeps my mind occupied and the distraction can help. I also love getting to know other bloggers and reading their mental health posts which makes me feel great to be part of such a supportive community.


  10. I agree with/relate to everything in this post! I’m going into my second year at uni and in my first year blogging was/still is so helpful for my mental health in the same ways. It really gives you an escape!

    Carla x


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